Since 2001.

Kin Xun Environment Recycle Ltd

With the increasing of the amount of waste, the earth is facing serious environment pollution and threat. In addition, the resources on the earth will be exhausted someday. Therefore, recycling and reusing now have become the trend.


Company Profile


Established in 2003, our company has been engaged in the business of environment-friendly recycling for many years. We are specialized in the recycling of all kinds of waste paper, metal and plastics and the agency of plastics reclaiming, container dissembling and container transit services. We provide integrated services from reclaiming of waste, sorting, repackaging, customs declaration to transportation and exportation to the mainland.

Recycling of all kinds of waste paper, metal and plastics

paper, hardware, plastic

Agency of plastics reclamation

Plastic Remodeling

Agency of container dissembling and container leasing services

Container demolition and container rental service

Agency of contained transit service

Container re-export service

Independent waste disposal and recycling services can also be arranged according to the demands of individual customer.

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