Our Services

With the years’ experience of environment-friendly recycling, our company provides all-around recycling services

  1. Recycling of all kinds of waste paper, metal and plastics
  2. Agency of plastics reclamation
  3. Agency of container dissembling and container leasing services
  4. Agency of contained transit service

Independent waste disposal and recycling services can also be arranged according to the demands of individual customer.



Our Partners

In providing our services, we mainly cooperate with local recycling contractors and sort out and repackage the waste that they reclaimed from all classes of the society. Besides, we also cooperate with overseas recycling contractors to import all kinds of waste.
No all names of the suppliers are listed and there is no particular order.

    • Wai Yeung Environment Protection Industry Development Ltd
    • Environment Protection Trading Ltd
    • Kwong Yick Company
    • Yearwick Development Ltd